One of the best online outliners, the fastest way to document a business process before organizing and automating it. Really simple, fast and lightweight. Great for research, idea generation and evaluation, planning and decision-making, journaling and learning, developing and sharing instructions, processes and procedures.
The core idea is simple: notebooks that are hierarchies (outliners) of Markdown-based documents. Unlike files in the file system, these documents act like folders, so that any document can have an unlimited number of children.
There are no strict rules or limits: you can organize your information in any way you want and change it anytime you need, keeping the complete history of edits. Unlike traditional desktop outliners, Adomation Docs enables you to link documents in many ways, including simple, Markdown and wiki links, add rich formatting and develop custom markup rules, manage tags, add images and files, tables and multi-level dynamic to-do lists, highlight syntax and embed external content. Sharing and publishing enables you to effectively collaborate with your team, partners and customers.
It produces not just a static tree of documents, but an interlinked dynamic website with embedded rich and dynamic contents. You can add custom markup and footer code, JS and CSS scripts to all pages of your notebooks, easily embed other documents or any external HTML source into notes. It enables you to extend features without hard-coding, embed external data and change its look and feel.
You can easily develop an internal storage of all important information and share it within your team or even publish it for the outside world. The all-in-one intranet/extranet portal. You can view and update it anytime you want and be sure that you will never lose any important fact or idea again.
It works great in any modern browser (including mobile ones, like Safari/Chrome on iOS and Android), even at a slow and unreliable Internet connection. You can download and install its local "proxy" version which is much faster, because it enables you to work offline and synchronizes with the central server in background automatically or manually, whenever you need it, keeping all edits from all your team's devices in its local history.
We have got a stand-alone self-hosted server if you are concerned about your data savety! More details about pricing and licensing are available at the pricing page.
If you need support, found a bug or need a feature, please visit the support page. You can also chat to the author via Telegram: I'm online for 8-12 hours a day almost without weekends and holidays.